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“How can I include JavaScrip into HTML?”

One of the things that most differentiates small HTML pages from large ones is the way JavaScript scripts are integrated into them.
As we know, HTML pages are static, so elements inside them remain blocked over time, so you need JavaScript to make them dynamic and CSS to give pages a good appearance.

As with CSS, there are 3 ways also for JavaScript to embed code in an HTML sheet and these are:

1) JavaScript in HEAD or BODY Tag

Try this code ! You need only to create an html file and write these few lines. In this…

Animated Depth First Search
Animated Depth First Search
Animated Depth First Search. (Source:

Problem Introduction

As we said in the article about Breadth First Search Algorithm, all programming tasks can be expressed through connected graphs and in most of the cases the solution is to traverse the graph according to a specific order.

To explain the BFS Algorithm we assumed that an agent had to escape from a labyrinth as soon as possible. And so there were three possibilities to escape how it is showed:

Animated Breadth First Search
Animated Breadth First Search
Animated Breadth First Search. Source (

Problem Introduction

Have you ever thought about the fact that all programming tasks can be expressed through connected graphs and that most of the cases the solution is to traverse the graph according to a specific order?
Just think about the case where a player in a video game needs to be able to find the fastest way to escape a maze.

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As we know, networks are in several fields, like biology, computer science and even social sciences.

So, networks help us to understand and describe better the world, and why not, they are useful also to infer informations that we don’t know yet.

One of the most powerful tools to manage networks in Python is networkx. So, move on to see some commands.

First of all we need to import the library and then to choose which type of network we want to build:

- Graph: undirected network

- DiGraph: directed network

- MultiGraph: undirected network with self loops and parallel…

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Nowadays everyone talks about artificial intelligence, it looks like a trend. They say that in a hundred years we will be controlled by automata equipped by powerful artificial intelligences. Now, different techniques, that allow machines to learn and process thousands of informations in record time, are spreading. Then, will we be replaced by silicon pieces? Is humankind destined to become extinct and to be replaced by something that itself has created? Well, if this kind of consciences will be comparable to human ones, then surely the answer is YES!

But before analyzing all of this it is necessary to ask…

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Most Python users are used to representing data with Matplotlib.

“Matplotlib is a comprehensive library for creating static, animated, and interactive visualizations in Python.”

Matplotlib, as its name say, comes from Matlab, so the syntax is also very similar. However, it arises from the need to represent data within a Python environment in a few lines of code. The pyplot API is used to create the figures and everything works with the integration of the matplotlib library. …

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Basing on the masterpiece “Business Model Generation” of Alex Osterwalder and Yves Pignur, we can analyze the reasons why every small and large company needs to develop a canvas model to innovate.

If you want an answer to the question before reading the rest of the story, well then the answer is YES! The canvas model is a very useful tool to structure the idea of ​​a new company, startup or something that already exists but that you want to reinvent. In fact, when you want to make an aggregation of people with differente skills and knowledges there is the…

How to automate navigating over a page with infinite data

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Selenium is amazing! It gives you the opportunity to scrape everything you want with great simplicity. According to its documentation,It provides extensions to emulate user interaction with browsers.” Moreover, it is supported by several programming languages and each browser has an interface called a WebDriver that allows the automation.

Anyone who has tried to acquire data from a page has noticed that HTML elements can appear on the page depending on when they are requested. In other words, a website used to contain a lot of data cannot represent all of it at the same time. …

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